Pure Reiki:
1 hour - £55

Reiki 'Plus' Counselling, Reiki 'Plus' Coaching,
or Hypno-Reiki: 
75 minutes - £75

Morning lovely 'ready brek' lady...that's the image i have of you with this wonderful comforting glow around you where ever you go!
What an incredible day the Refresher on Saturday was! I cannot find adequate wording to express just how much my tired soul benefited from my few hours in your beautiful home, spending time with you.
Felt really tired on Sunday, so spent the day relaxing and enjoyed a walk and snooze...lovely!
Thank you Thank you!

Naomi McCallum, Reiki Refresher Student, Edinburgh




Post-Course Support for Reiki Students


Inevitably, people find that they have questions after a workshop once they start putting what they have learned into practice.  Things may come up that you find you are not sure about, or do not understand, particularly when giving Reiki to others.  You are therefore welcome to email or call me for a chat at any stage to ask for advice about your Reiki practice or experiences, no matter how long ago you did a workshop with me.  

Sometimes students feel that they did not take everything in during the workshop.  You may have had a lapse in concentration, been tired, or maybe even have fallen asleep at some point, perhaps during meditation exercises, because you were feeling so relaxed!  And sometimes, despite your best intentions, you may not have got into the habit of practising Reiki regularly after the course and after a while feel that you have lost confidence or motivation and want to get kick-started again.  Most of us know that feeling!

Reiki Refresher Workshops

For this reason, three or four times a year I run one-day Reiki Refresher workshops specifically for students who would like to brush up on their training, boost their confidence, or get back into Reiki if they have lapsed in their practice.  These are also a lovely opportunity to come and experience a Reiki 'chill out' day and meet with other like-minded people. We focus on the practice of Reiki rather than on the theory and people find it wonderfully relaxing and revitalising, as well as fun.

Half-price Repeats

Once you have done a particular workshop with me, if you would find it helpful to repeat the weekend for any reason, you are welcome to do so for half the current normal price, as long as there are places available.  There is no time limit on this offer.

1-1 Support

And finally, if for any reason you find that you would like more detailed 1-1 support at any stage after a workshop, I offer two-hour Reiki tutorials or half-day Reiki booster sessions.

"If you want a future different from your past, then ...
Heal the past by learning to relax, let go and be happy;
by doing so fully and lovingly live your present;
and in that way create a better future.



There's so much more to Reiki than most people realise. 

Come and be truly inspired ...

Fun, highly-rated teaching!

"Heather, thanks again for another wonderful day on Saturday. As well as being a reminder of all of the practical skills of Reiki, the refresher day has motivated me to re-read my Reiki I manual and make time to do lots of self healing. There were only four of us and this made a good atmosphere - intimate without being too intrusive. There is much to learn, and you are always so receptive to our questions. And you are a good teacher, too - very patient as well as being interesting by sharing with us your own experiences - it was a real pleasure to be there. I came away feeling energised and positive about my life in general."

Anne Macpherson, Reiki Refresher Student, Edinburgh






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