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8 Saughtonhall Drive, Edinburgh EH12 5SQ

Just off Corstorphine Road at Western Corner, 3 miles due West from Princes St.

Frequent buses. 5 minutes from Haymarket train station. Free parking.



"Heather, you really are a miracle worker! I felt so amazing last night! So much better. This morning too! Thank you very much for helping me last night. I had felt so weird when I came to see you for help and then felt so much clearer afterwards! Very grateful."

S Warburton, Hypno-Reiki Client, Edinburgh



"I can hardly find words to say how wonderful I felt when I caught the bus home after my session with you. I felt such amazing deep peace in my body and in my mind and found myself speaking slowly and leisurely. I had a hard day at work afterwards but I found it different because I felt so very different in myself. Thanks a lot Heather!"

Cristina Giavedoni, Reiki/Counselling Client, Edinburgh


Reiki Treatment Options:

I can offer you different treatment options, depending on what appeals to you the most. Whichever you choose, you can expect to start feeling better right from the very first session. 

Pure Reiki: 1 hour of pure Reiki, sitting or lying down, hands on or hands off.

Reiki 'Plus':  75 minutes.  A powerful combination of Reiki (as above) with practical solution-focused counselling for stress management or help with other issues. Can include relaxation, stress management, self-healing and breathing techniques to use at home that really make a difference. Audio recordings are provided where useful. One hour counselling-only or coaching-only sessions can also be offered.

IEMT-Reiki:  75 minutes.  I also offer IEMT (integral eye movement therapy), a highly effective process for changing unhelpful emotions, beliefs and stuck states very quickly and with permanent results. I have consistently found that IEMT has created rapid change in clients where no other approach they have tried in the past has worked. One hour IEMT/counselling sessions can also be offered.

Hypno-Reiki:  75 minutes.  Reiki and hypnotherapy work really well together.  The ultimate healing experience.  Really effective!  Audio recordings are provided where useful.  Depending on the issue you would like to address, counselling or hypnotherapy can either be done first, sitting up, followed by Reiki, or it can be done during the Reiki treatment itself, lying down. One hour counselling and/or hypnotherapy sessions can also be offered on their own without Reiki.


1 hour sessions.  Sometimes Reiki is not the most effective approach for a particular issue. You might decide to choose sessions without Reiki if you are looking for help in resolving trauma, a phobia, fear, grief, guilt, shame, or anger issues that keep throwing you off balance; or if you feel stuck and do not understand why; or if you have a persistent personal behaviour or attitude challenge that is holding you back in some way and you suspect that it stems from something in your past. Patterns of belief and behaviour are laid down in our early childhood (generally under the age of 10, when children are very susceptible) that can affect us for the rest of our lives if not addressed. A traumatic experience is not always recognised as such at the time but can have a lasting effect all the same. IEMT is particularly useful in resolving challenges of this kind ... usually very quickly, often in just one or two sessions.

Distant Reiki and/or Telephone Counselling

As well as practising and teaching Reiki, I am also qualified in stress & trauma resolution, Human Givens counselling & psychotherapy, life coaching, and advanced hypnotherapy & hypno-healing. Any of these can be combined with Reiki, or offered on their own. Please ring me if you would like to know more.

Clients often ask how many sessions are needed.  Some people have Reiki simply to relax and choose to come now and again.  If you are looking for support for specific issues, I recommend 4 - 6 sessions at weekly intervals as the effect of Reiki is cumulative over time.  Often that is enough.  Details and prices below.  Gift vouchers also available.

Reiki 'Plus' / IEMT:

75 minutes - £75 (or block booking of 4 sessions - £280):  

IEMT is a new and highly effective approach to resolving all kinds of troubling emotional issues, bringing about rapid, lasting change, often in a single session (depending on the nature of the problem). Difficulties such as intrusive negative or anxious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, poor self confidence or self esteem, identity issues, feeling stuck, phobias, grief or trauma can all be defused, often with almost instant relief. 

IEMT can be done completely content-free - you do not have to talk about what is troubling you unless you want to. You can simply refer to it as 'the problem I want to be free of". This can be a great relief if you do not want to go into your story. It is also really helpful for trauma or PTSD or any other situation where telling the story can be traumatic or uncomfortable for you.

The IEMT process is simple and straightforward. You sit comfortably in a chair and I ask you to focus on a memory of the problem, holding a vivid image of it in your mind. I then ask you to concentrate on the memory while at the same time focusing your attention on following my finger with your eyes as I move it through a series of movements. After a minute or two I check with you to see how you are feeling, what you have noticed, and what has changed. We then do some more, continuing until you feel calm, relaxed and free of the problem. In this way IEMT allows your brain to detach the emotion from the memory of the event so that uncomfortable feelings are no longer triggered when you think about it. This can then be followed by a Reiki treatment, which works well with IEMT as it allows you to rest, recharge, and integrate what has happened.

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Reiki 'Plus' or Hypno-Reiki:

75 minutes - £75 (or block booking of 4 session - £280):  

Many people coming for Reiki also appreciate having time to talk about what is challenging them and benefit from the additional support of counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy, holistic health advice, stress-management and breathing techniques that they can use at home. Handouts and/or audio recordings are provided when needed.

This support complements a traditional Reiki treatment very effectively, giving you useful insights and tools which help you participate more actively in your own recovery between sessions.  This support, with or without hypnotherapy, is a normal part of my standard Reiki session, which lasts just over an hour and a half.   We talk first, and then have Reiki.


Reiki and hypnotherapy work really well together for very effective results.  Depending on the issue you would like to address, hypnotherapy can either be done first, sitting up, followed by Reiki, or it can be done during the Reiki treatment itself, lying down.  Many people find this the ultimate healing experience.  Audio recordings for home use between sessions are provided where useful.  Please note that during hypnotherapy, although you may be very deeply relaxed, you are always in control of what is happening and able to hear everything that is said to you.  You cannot be influenced to do or to think anything against your will or that you are not comfortable with.

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Pure Reiki Sessions:

1 hour - £55 (or block booking of 4 sessions - £190):  

If you would prefer a Reiki energy treatment on its own, I also offer Reiki-only sessions where you can simply lie quietly throughout the treatment and allow the energy to flow through you to work on whatever within you needs support and healing.  If you would like a Reiki-only treatment, please make it clear at the time of booking.  

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Counselling/Coaching/Hypnotherapy/IEMT Sessions:

1 hour - £70 (or block booking of 4 sessions - £260)

If you would prefer counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy or IEMT on their own, I also offer one hour sessions. If you would prefer this kind of support, please make it clear at the time of booking.  

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Distant Reiki Treatment/Telephone Counselling:  

If you live too far away, if you are disabled or ill, if transport is a problem, if you cannot get a babysitter, or if you are unable to come to me for any other reason, I also offer either either Reiki-only distant treatment sessions (1 hour including a short follow-up chat on the phone) or a combination of telephone counselling during the first half of the session followed by a distant treatment (1½ hours in total), or counselling-only sessions.  Some people who are very busy also find this option helpful as there is no travelling time involved.  

The costs are the same as for face-to-face sessions, but with payment required in advance either by cash, cheque, bank transfer or through my online shop.

           Reiki 'Plus' session (1½ hours) - £75
           Counselling-only session (1 hour) - £70          
           Pure Reiki treatment (1 hour) - £55          

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"Thank you for the distance Reiki healing session yesterday. I've noticed a really vast improvement with both my physical and mental difficulties. Feeling calm and peaceful today, and the pain I've had in my shoulders and back for months has totally disappeared. I'm amazed!"

Alex Chatall, Distance Reiki Client, Aberdeen



"I have found my sessions with you extremely beneficial. I am getting on very well now, in all respects! My gut problems have settled down tremendously and the tiredness and anxiety have gone, too. So much so that I have been able to work on my PhD again without getting stressed about it and am actually enjoying it!"

J Gaber, Reiki/Counselling Client, Edinburgh


"Never having had Reiki before, I was really surprised by how much I felt during the distant healing treatment yesterday evening, and also by your accurate assessment of what the problem is. It was as if you were actually here with me. I would definitely like to arrange another session. I had a wonderful night's sleep, woke up with more energy than I’ve felt for quite a while and felt like getting up for work this morning - such a difference to normal!"

I Barker, Distant Healing Client, Newcastle

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