The Reiki Master Teacher Level (Reiki IV)

Who is it for?

This course completes the Reiki Teaching Master training, enabling you to pass the attunements yourself and teach Reiki to others.  

A prerequisite for the Reiki Teaching Master Training is to have completed Reiki III with me, and acceptance onto the Reiki IV training is at my discretion.  It is important that students at this level demonstrate the necessary level of responsibility, knowledge and experience to guide others along the Reiki path.  Working at this level requires students to be balanced and grounded and able to achieve good rapport with people and put them at ease.  Anyone looking to teach others must of course already be a skilled and competent energy practitioner who regularly treats others and gets effective results.   It is essential that they are a 'safe pair of hands'.

The Reiki Master training is usually only undertaken by students for whom Reiki is now a way of life and who feel ready to become Reiki teachers themselves, although professional practitioners may want to study it either as a general revision or in order to complete their understanding of what they are practising.  

What will I learn?

The Reiki Master training continues to focus on personal development as well as on learning how to give attunements and how to teach Reiki to others.  There will also be a general revision of everything I teach in Reiki I and Reiki II, together with further discussion about Reiki and life.   

The Reiki Master certificate will involve, amongst other things, creating your own Reiki workshop manuals at all levels, so that by the end of your training you are confident about what and how you want to teach Reiki to others.  There are many published Reiki manuals available for Reiki Masters to buy and teach from, but these are not a substitute for developing your own and forging your own path. 

Help and Support 

It is important for you to find your own identity as a Reiki Master, and you will find that over time your manuals and what you teach will change as you yourself do!  This is the path that I myself have taken, and I have found it invaluable.  We will work closely together to help you achieve this, and after your training I will be available for ongoing support, advice and guidance, whenever you may feel that you need it.


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