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1 hour - £55

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Morning lovely 'ready brek' lady...that's the image i have of you with this wonderful comforting glow around you where ever you go!
What an incredible day the Refresher on Saturday was! I cannot find adequate wording to express just how much my tired soul benefited from my few hours in your beautiful home, spending time with you.
Felt really tired on Sunday, so spent the day relaxing and enjoyed a walk and snooze...lovely!
Thank you Thank you!

Naomi Mackenzie, Reiki Refresher, Edinburgh




Reiki Refresher Days


I periodically run a one-day Reiki refresher/revision workshop in Edinburgh on a Saturday (9.30 am - 4.30 pm with an hour's lunch break) for people who would like some revision after having attended a Reiki workshop, regardless of when that was.  Refresher days are a great confidence boost if you are looking for some additional support. Or you may simply want to spend a day gently relaxing with Reiki and like-minded people as a way of getting yourself back into it again.

This workshop is for anyone who, for whatever reason, has either not kept up their Reiki practice, has never really got off the ground with it and would like to do so now, or who would like some revision to boost their confidence and motivation and get them kick-started.  Anybody who might find a short, general Reiki refresher helpful is very welcome.  The workshop is also suitable for anyone who has studied with someone else and would like to consolidate or add to their knowledge by experiencing Reiki with a different teacher.  

Please note that this Reiki workshop is designed primarily for people wanting to revise how to feel the energy and how to tune into and channel Reiki for giving Reiki to themselves and to others.  It is not suitable for people with no previous Reiki training of any kind, or for anyone specifically looking to revise the symbols or how to use them, as some of the participants will not yet have progressed to Level II.

During the workshop you will revise the following:

  • The Reiki principles and why they are so integral to the practice of Reiki

  • Scanning/feeling the energy, both on yourself and on others

  • Breathing techniques for calming your nervous system

  • Grounding exercises for centering yourself

  • Visualisation exercises - the mind/body connection

  • Reiki Gassho meditation for focus and intent

  • How to channel energy

  • Different approaches to self healing

  • Different approaches to treating others

  • Using intuition

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

The workshop runs from 9.3.00 am to 4.30 pm with an hour's lunch break.  The group size is limited to a maximum of 8 students.  

One-to-one tuition is also possible, any time Mondays to Fridays, if you would prefer to choose your own date and times. Please feel free to get in touch to have a chat if you would find this option helpful.

"Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other."


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There's so much more to Reiki than most people realise. 

Come and be truly inspired ...

Fun, highly-rated teaching!

"Heather, thanks again for another wonderful day on Saturday. As well as being a reminder of all of the practical skills of Reiki, the refresher day has motivated me to re-read my Reiki I manual and make time to do lots of self healing. There were only four of us and this made a good atmosphere - intimate without being too intrusive. There is much to learn, and you are always so receptive to our questions. And you are a good teacher, too - very patient as well as being interesting by sharing with us your own experiences - it was a real pleasure to be there. I came away feeling energised and positive about my life in general."

Anne Macpherson, Reiki Refresher, Edinburgh






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