What Reiki students have said

Reiki I student:

"I wanted to thank you for a very insightful and enjoyable weekend.  Reiki was exactly what I was looking for. It brings together so many of my interests and I can see now how interconnected they are. What I perceived to be diverse subjects and disciplines are but slightly different facets of the same thing. I am feeling a lot more coherent now!

After the course I just sailed through my week, my colleague jokingly asked if I was on drugs! I am finding myself to be much more positive and balanced, and this week I have noticed how much healthier and kinder I am being to myself.

I am grateful to have found such an inspirational teacher - regarding life skills in general, as well as Reiki. It was beneficial for you to share some of your own life experiences with us, and one in particular struck a chord with me as it was also something I had experienced, and with great similarity and for the same period of time.

I am looking forward to learning more about Reiki and would like do the Reiki 2 course with you. I am hoping there will be so much interest in a Reiki 2 course that you may be persuaded to teach one before September, as that seems so far away! Perhaps I shall have to develop skill in patience as well as in Reiki!

Thank you again."    

Shelley Wallace, Edinburgh

Reiki I, II and III student:

"Heather, six months after doing the Reiki III workshop with you, I am still feeling very content!  

I have really enjoyed all three levels of my Reiki workshops with you. After Reiki 1, practising the breathing techniques, meditating on the 5 principles of Reiki and being able to channel the energy properly, I felt very peaceful, happy and relaxed.  After practising for several months, I really felt ready to continue with Reiki 2. For me, Reiki 2 was exactly what I needed at that time, as working with the three symbols gave me so much more tools, variation and precision for treating future patients. I very much liked the distant healing! Learning how to do it was hard work but definitely worthwhile in the end!  Reiki 3 was different again  because I felt that this was a serious next step. To me, it was all about being Reiki and not just practising Reiki. I am still working on this and intend to practise much and much more!

Heather, I really feel that you were the perfect teacher for me. At each stage everything was clearly explained on a level that I could easily connect with. I also liked the way everything was documented in the workshop manuals. 

Many thanks for all your help and expertise. Although I am not in Scotland anymore, if I feel ready for the Master level, I might just fly back to you in Edinburgh!

Love, Joyce" 

Joyce Matthijssen, Edinburgh and Holland

Reiki I student:

"I have been interested in doing Reiki for some years now.  Having trained in massage and reflexology, I was looking for something new to incorporate into my therapies.  I saw a poster in one of my local shops advertising Reiki workshops 1and 2 and although I had noticed this poster before, I had taken little notice of it up until then.

I called Heather up and arranged to meet her.  After spending just minutes with her, I knew I would be honoured to be trained by this woman.  I was struck by her gentleness, compassion and professionalism.

All through the weekend of the Reiki workshop I found Heather a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher.  The atmosphere she created was relaxed and open, and each stage of the training was easy to understand and absorb.

I wanted to go into Reiki with no preconceptions, just to be open to what it would bring me, and with Heather guiding me I was not disappointed.

I was encouraged by the fact that the certificate was not just handed to me at the end of the weekend, and that I had to practise to attain it.  This has helped me to incorporate Reiki into my daily life, for which I am extremely grateful as it calms me as well as energizing me at the same time.

I fully recommend learning Reiki healing to everyone.  Come along and just experience what it has to offer - it really can enhance and change the quality of your life."    

Bob Allison, Edinburgh

Reiki I and II student:

"My anticipation for Reiki II was like that of a child the night before Christmas.  After doing Reiki I with Heather, my awareness of life changed amazingly for the better, so I was very excited about the energy and awareness Reiki II would open me up to.  And I wasn't disappointed. Heather welcomed me into her home as part of the small group that she insists on for her Reiki classes.  It's very relaxed and comfortable, a great atmosphere for learning.  Heather offered a lot of information over the course of the weekend, but it was well balanced with the appropriate practical exercises and a good amount of discussion amongst the group.  There was always an open invitation to ask questions, and no question was considered too small.

The Reiki II workbook Heather provides covers everything we learnt in the 2 days but also gives a large amount of extra information.  I find this workbook indispensable when I'm practising Reiki at home.

As for my actual experience of Reiki II energy, well, I thought Reiki I energy was good, but Reiki II energy gave me permission to believe that anything is possible.  Such a very different energy.  I found it to be stronger, more certain, more solid somehow - it engulfed my entire being and left me with a calmness and confidence I had only ever dreamed existed.  Couple that with the fortnightly Reiki practice evenings that Heather runs where students can ask further questions and work on other students, and I'd place Reiki II with Heather as one of the most worthwhile things I've ever done.  I can only begin to imagine Reiki III."    

Steve Porteous 
(no relation), New Zealand

Reiki I student:

"Let me start by saying that learning Reiki has changed my perspective on life immensely!  

I did my Reiki workshop in mid January '03 with Heather.  The course itself was very informative and fascinating.  It was intense as there was a lot to learn in one weekend, but Heather made everything quite clear and obviously has extensive knowledge of Reiki.  I found the atmosphere very calm, relaxed and above all comfortable.  My mind and body opened up to a whole new way of thinking during the attunements and practice sessions, and I went away from the weekend feeling very good about myself and itching to get started.

I have been amazed at the reaction of my family and friends, who I have been treating with Reiki every chance I get.  My husband loves Reiki healing as it calms and relaxes him without fail, and as he is in a very high stress job, it is 'just what the doctor ordered'.  As for myself, I treat myself with Reiki most days, time permitting.  I find that I have more patience with everybody around me, feel just more at peace with myself and, most of all, happy and healthy."    

Isobel Clifford, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"Heather, I have been meaning to get in touch with you sooner to thank you ever so much for that beautiful weekend. It was some weeks ago now but the magic, or should I say the light, is still here with me. What you said over the weekend was really inspirational and it was a pleasure to listen.

It is also one of the best things I?ve ever done for myself as at this stage I allow myself precious moments where I practice both meditation and Reiki and I find the breathing exercises very beneficial. I am amazed at the transformation already.  I am able to think more clearly and more positively and I feel more emotionally in control. I look forward to making Reiki part of my life.

Thanks again, Heather"

Anne Guilloton, Edinburgh

Reiki Refresher student:

"Heather, thanks again for another wonderful day on Saturday. As well as being a reminder of all of the practical skills of Reiki, the refresher day has motivated me to re-read my Reiki I manual and make time to do lots of self healing. There were only four of us and this made a good atmosphere - intimate without being too intrusive. There is much to learn, and you are always so receptive to our questions. And you are a good teacher, too - very patient as well as being interesting by sharing with us your own experiences - it was a real pleasure to be there. I came away feeling energised and positive about my life in general."

Anne Macpherson, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"Since going through my 1st Degree Reiki workshop in December '03, I have got to know myself better and feel much better about myself.  I give myself Reiki healing every day, and it has really helped me.  I feel so strong now - Reiki has done me a power of good!  I am now coping with everyday life and people once more, and my husband and family have noticed that I am a lot less vulnerable and anxious than I used to be.  I am facing problems head on, without panicking, after years of attending clinics and being in hospital with nervous disorders, and have even been able to reduce my medication and anti-depressants.  My self confidence is gradually returning, I feel more assertive, relaxed and contented with life, and I am also sleeping better.  Life no longer feels as if it is passing me by - thank you, Heather!"    

Lynn Kilgour, Falkirk

Reiki I student:

"Thank you so much for a fabulous weekend - I learned stacks and let go of tons of physical stress and tension.  You're so very generous with your time.   I feel I'm thinking differently about everything now, much more positive, and all you taught us about visualisation was really very encouraging. I also got some very helpful insights into the plans I have for my future.  A big thank you for everything, Heather."    

Lucy Crowther, Edinburgh

"Dear Heather,

I hope you are well. This is just to let you know that my dream has come true - to live in the countryside. I'm now teaching piano and clarinet here in beautiful Devon - hooray!

Thank you for all your wonderful support, Reiki treatments and training - it gave me the strength and self belief to make this happen. Do visit if you're ever down this way!

Much love"

Lucy Crowther, Devon

Reiki III Tutorial student:

"Heather, I had a smashing afternoon with you yesterday, and the results are quite visible today.

You seemed to understand just what I wanted to know, and how to help me fill in the gaps in my knowledge to get on the right road, and I thank you very much for that.

I love Reiki as it is the only "me time" that I get, and I shall endeavour to use it as much as possible as my children get older!

Take care"

Lesley Boyd, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I took Heather's Reiki I course after having tried a number of complementary and counselling therapies to tackle a severe anxiety condition I have been suffering from for 18 months. I was making some progress with my recovery but was still experiencing significant relapses.  It was Heather's website which first encouraged me to contact her - her approach sounded inspirational and I liked the general positive and informative nature of the material on the site. On meeting her before the course, she appeared knowledgeable and professional. What attracted me most to her was her genuine sense of empathy and wisdom.

I particularly enjoyed the pair work on the course - this gave us the opportunity to identify imbalances in our partner and fully experience having energy channelled into us. As day one progressed I started to become more confident practicing on my different partners with sometimes amazing results - tingling, pulsing and vibrational energy sensations.  However, I found it quite a challenge to think, feel and interpret in a new way. Day two reinforced our learning as theory and practice began to inter-relate. Now when I practice Reiki healing on myself I feel the energy - a warmth and calmness flowing through my palms into my body. Overall, the course was excellent and I appreciated how it was structured and resourced - practice and treatment sheets, illustrative guides and a historical context to Reiki were just some of the items included in a very comprehensive handbook. I now feel that each day my health is improving - the Reiki training has enabled me to keep myself calm and to deal with my anxiety when I have an attack. Just as importantly, it has given me a sense of achievement and empowerment over my condition, I now believe I have the ability to overcome my anxiety."    

Catie Hory, Dunfermline


Reiki I student:

"A big thank you for providing such a high quality training weekend - I now feel confident that I'm using Reiki properly and loved the whole experience.  The difference between your teaching and my previous experience doesn't compare.

I'm using the Reiki precepts as much as possible and hope to have advanced by the time of the Reiki II weekend in August."

Sarah Bright, Edinburgh

Reiki II student:

"Any apprehension I'd had beforehand about how I'd cope with the
Reiki II course was soon dispelled, as the atmosphere was very gentle
and calming, and I found the whole weekend an enjoyable and
enlightening experience in pleasant company and surroundings.

The Reiki course content was very well prepared and delivered.
Heather's warm and straightforward manner ensured that a wealth of information did not become overwhelming, and our questions were consistently and coherently answered. The reference manual Heather
provided was equally well written and clear, and I left at the end of the
course very much looking forward to using everything I'd learned, eager to
make discoveries, and feeling capable and confident that I had been given
everything I needed."   

Adela Lees, Spain

Reiki I student:

"I have always been interested in Reiki healing as my mother is a Reiki healer and has taught me a lot about it both through treatments and through her telling of the life changing journey she has experienced as a result of having Reiki in her life. I felt that it was definitely something I wanted in my own life, but only recently felt ready, both spiritually and emotionally, to actually do it. 

I chose Heather as I found her website and felt drawn to get in touch with her.  From there we met up, and I signed up for the Reiki 1 workshop. From the first minute of that weekend I felt comfortable and able to talk in a relaxed way with the group, and we shared quite varied experiences and feelings throughout the two days.  In that short period of time Heather taught me a lot and I was able to re-evaluate my outlook on life, which has been invaluable to me and has made a profound difference to my relationships, friendships and the way I deal with everyday situations. 

I am extremely thankful to Heather, as I was able to experience the Reiki workshop in such a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, from someone who  empowered me to take a real hold of my life and to make a difference, however small.  Heather has spurred me on to greater things, and amongst other things, has taught me a lot about myself and how to assess the things that really matter. The Reiki workshop really was, and still is, a life changing experience, and I am extremely glad that Heather was there to teach me."

Susie Peters, Edinburgh

Reiki III Tutorial student:

"I would like to thank you for the tutorial session on Friday to help bring me up to speed for the Advanced Level Reiki III training. It was lovely to meet you, and you gave me a lot to think about and also to discuss with my partner. I have been reading my manual everyday and am still finding new things in it. I did the chakra meditation with my partner's help and found it very strong. I am enjoying practising the various breathing exercises and think they are excellent - am also having lots of different feelings while doing them. I find the Reiki Shower you taught me very good for cleansing myself and also to get Reiki flowing. I have been using it before doing distant healing, and I don't know if it is simply my imagination, but I am finding that my hands feel a lot more alive now with Reiki than they did before - the distant healing symbol is good for getting the empowerment quickly, but I do not find that nearly so effective on its own. I am also practising Hatsurei every day as you suggested, as well as working through and practising everything in the tutorial manual. I don't know if it is just me, but I understand it all and haven't had any problems or questions - I am finding it very comprehensive and have learned a lot from it. I know you will be there if I need you, and I cannot wait to move on with our training together."

Lara Hunter, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I'm writing to say thanks very much for the Reiki workshop last weekend. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!  I appreciated the depth of background you gave us, the breathing exercises, meditations, etc, and the breadth of the course. Reiki is very much with me - I connect with it every day and am aware of it quite a lot of the time. I also feel healthy and robust and am amazed that some of my small symptoms, aches and pains, already seem to have improved! Reiki feels like an important addition to my life, and I'm really enjoying the self-healing and "bathing" in the energy! My partner is still a bit dismissive at the moment, but like many things, once he realises it is a really good thing for me, I think he'll be more accepting."

Rachel Campling, Edinburgh

Reiki II student:

"Thank you so much for the Reiki II workshop, Heather. It was absolutely amazing - a really powerful experience. I'm definitely feeling the benefits already and am doing lots of the breathing exercises, which I'm finding very useful."

Trich Sinclair, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I just wanted to take the chance to write and thank you for the Reiki Course I attended last week. It was one of the best nursing development courses I have been on, both for helping with my job and for my own well-being. So much of what you said made such good sense, I think we all know it but at times forget and lose sight of how to look after ourselves properly. My job as a nurse mainly involves counselling, listening and intervention, and you gave me some very effective new tools to use, which is great."

Anne Scouse, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki weekend.  I have been re-reading the notes ever since and trying to learn more from practice. I have an eight year old asking for Reiki every night now ... big success! He asks me for Reiki every night before going to bed as he finds it very relaxing and it helps him wind down - he is usually quite restless lately and sometimes finds it difficult to fall asleep. He gives me very good feed back (in his own way) - it seems that he is very sensitive to the energy, as he some times will say" you have lots of Reiki today" and he is not just talking about heat or any physical feeling. He describes how his back "disappears" with the treatment. Two days ago, he said that all his body had disappeared, and described how it was as if he was aware only of his eyes and mouth floating in the air (?). I think it is very good for him! It is probably very easy to give Reiki to your child, as you love them so much anyway, but I think it has been a good start for me, as it is working so well ... I really can feel myself working as a channel very efficiently! It has provided me with a good starting point to build up my confidence."

M. Carson, Edinburgh

Reiki III student:

"The Reiki 3 Advanced Level weekend course was a very informative weekend of self reflection and spiritual awareness for me.  It refreshed my existing skills as well as helping me to develop new ones, and overall I found that it helped me to take Reiki to a whole new level, one where I live Reiki rather than simply do it. And all this was done in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere, in a space where it was safe to open up and enhance our awareness and skills."

Lorena McLaughlin, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I thought the training was wonderful, Heather. It brought together a lot of subjects that I had been thinking and reading about and it came at just the right time for me. I have been giving myself a healing every night for about half an hour and am amazed at how the time flies! Maybe I am more aware of it now than before, but I do think I am more cheerful and feel happier and more thankful than usual."

June Matthews, Edinburgh

Reiki II student:

"I really enjoyed the weekend.  It felt so right.  Something or someone guided me to you, and I have learned over the years to trust and follow my inner wisdom.  I will remember my training with you.  What you taught us was just so appropriate to my own belief.  Thank you, Heather."

Sylvia Sorrell, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"When I first came to Heather to talk about taking the Reiki I workshop, I had very mixed views about what Reiki was all about and what learning it entailed.
Coming from a background of research based on the mind-body connection, I had read many, many books on the universe and its phenomena. I guess I had been piecing together all the information I could gather to make sense of the world and the physics of the universe - how and where God fits in, and how each of us is a very significant being with abilities within us which can add so much depth to our lives if only we can learn how to develop them. I do truly believe that people who are unaware of this are not really living, but merely existing and surviving.
The things I had read and been told about Reiki attunements focused on the Master having special abilities to simply 'open you up' to Reiki energy in some magical, mysterious way which then allows you to channel it yourself and treat others without any effort or learning on your part. This, to the average person, and certainly to me, just sounds like a load of hocus pocus. However, the way Heather teaches Reiki makes much better sense to me - a spiritual yet at the same time logical, straightforward approach to awakening your own, natural, God-given abilities by learning how to focus and use the amazing power of your own mind.

What had just been ideas in books before the workshop have now come alive for me - two weeks after the Reiki 1 weekend, practising and applying everything Heather has taught me, I am already experiencing life at a deeper and more meaningful level, and the kinds of amazing experiences I had been coming across so much in all my reading are now actually beginning to happen to me more and more! Heather has shown me how to start using my intuition to improve every aspect of my life, and I am so grateful to have found a Reiki Master who has so much to offer both the spiritual and non spiritual seeker alike.

Thank you, Heather, for all your heart-felt kindness, guidance and knowledge. 

Words cannot describe how wonderful, lovely and helpful this lady really is!"

Steph Marr, Edinburgh





Reiki I student:

"Heather, I just want to say thank you so much for a truly inspirational and uplifting weekend!  I enjoyed every minute of it and feel very grounded.  I am looking ahead to a life full of Reiki and light! Thank you again."

Donalda MacKinnon, Edinburgh

Reiki II student:

"It was lovely seeing you the other night, Heather. When I left after your practice session, I was once again full of motivation and inspiration. Thank you so much for your never-ending support, encouragement and kindness."

Marion Stump, Edinburgh

Reiki Refresher student:

"Thank you, Heather, for a most enjoyable and spiritual day. I found the refresher workshop so useful, particularly having you guide me into a deep meditative state where I was able to let go of stress and all the anxieties of everyday living. Your guidance on reminding me how to take control of my life and allow only what I want to allow was really useful, too.  All in all the day was very satisfying and reminded me how I can improve my well-being and get more in touch with my spirituality - you have helped make me feel like a candle shining from within!  I now feel really ready to use Reiki to help me achieve my goals.

Much love and peace"    

May Connell, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"Heather, just a quick note to thank you for a most enjoyable Reiki I course last weekend, it truly was enlightening.

I have spent the past week looking at life in an entirely different light, trying to ensure that I appreciate all the good things and banish any negative thoughts - easier said than done but hopefully with practise it will become easier. Have found the breathing exercises excellent and am enjoying the amazing calming effect. I have even helped a colleague to feel calmer after he complained that he felt incredibly tense!! It certainly feels good to take time out every day to practise what you taught us last weekend and connect to my new world.

Bought Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' book from your book list on Tuesday so have been broadening my thinking even further.

Thank you again, I appreciate you sharing your experience and knowledge.

Love and best wishes"

Paula Ireland, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I attended Heather's Reiki I workshop in November 2006. As I have experience of energy therapy already, I did not know what to expect regarding Reiki energy ... I was pleasantly surprised. Heather's workshop was informative, well presented and fun. She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of energy principles which she passed on to her students over the two days. I feel I now have more to offer my own clients who come to see me for energy therapy by utilising the lovely, gentle Reiki energy. Thank you for the introduction to Reiki, Heather, it has opened up new and exciting possibilities in both my personal and my work life."

Eleanor Ross, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I really enjoyed the Reiki course. In a way, doing Reiki has made me look at life from a different perspective. It has also taught me a lot about myself and has changed the way I think, probably for the better. I do believe in guardian angels, as quite recently I had a near-death encounter, and I also believe that I was guided to do your Reiki course, as it's been a major turning point that has changed 90% of my life, and continues to change it, and I can only thank you, Heather, for this."

B. Grandville, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I didn't feel I really got a chance to say thank you properly when we left after the workshop on Sunday, so here it is!

The depression seems to have lifted rather nicely.  Coupled with the focus, shift in attitude and inner calm that I experienced over the weekend, I only expect things to get better. No doubt I will need you along the way, but this is a big thank you for that part alone."

Tara Leese, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"Thank you so much for all your hard work over the weekend. I really enjoyed the workshop and found it very relaxing. I hope that, once this week is over, I shall have time to really try it all out. Thanks, too, for the Reiki practice evening dates. I'd like to come along some time soon, once I've tried it myself out for a while."

Helen Summers, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"Thanks for full and very thought provoking weekend. I'm feeling somewhat exhausted, but in a lovely, calm way, and am really looking forward to thinking everything over and getting some practice in once I've had a sleep!"    

Georgina Harper, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I had the best night's sleep for ages last night, the day after the workshop - it may have been as a result of my meditation at bed-time!

I would just like to say that Reiki 1 has allowed me to open a new door, and with it, I can see great potential for a happier future.

Thanks again"

Tom Maguire, Edinburgh

Reiki I student:

"I really enjoyed my Reiki weekend, Heather, and found the course very useful.  I also enjoyed meeting people of like mind.  I have been practicing Reiki nearly every day since and it has truly helped me.  I can cope with stress a lot better now and whenever problems arise, I ask the universe for support in taking care of them.  I am also finding the breathing exercises good for keeping me balanced and grounded.  I have given a few healings to other people as well this last month, especially my young brother who is ill with cancer, and feel it would be a real shame to let it slip as it is something I have been interested in for a long time.  Keep up the good work and hope to see you again soon." 

Jane Parson, Edinburgh


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