I undertook Reiki Level II with Heather in April 2012. My experience of this weekend course was fantastic. Heather is a great communicator and she was very patient with all the questions we had. I really enjoyed the weekend and all that I learned from Heather. I was also lucky to complete my course along a very motivated group of people, who made the weekend really interesting and fulfilling. The Reiki Level II course was the next step on the foundation I gained during Level I with Heather and provided me give new skills as well as more confidence on channelling the energy. I have already seen a big change in my life since completing Level II, through daily meditation on the three symbols I am more calm and focussed. 
My Reiki Level II attunement felt more powerful than my first one during Level I. I felt deeply relaxed and when Heather put her hands on my crown chakra I felt something like a bolt of lightning going from my crown down to my feet. I also experienced great heat on my hands when Heather activated them. Even though I had my eyes closed, I saw a powerful light moving from side to side in front of my eyes. I was sure that Heather was moving a candle in front of my eyes. I was surprised to find out she never did such a thing! Overall, I would describe the attunement as a deeply relaxing experience.

Esther Hernandez, Reiki II student, Edinburgh



Why Learn Reiki

The full potential of Reiki to improve health and well-being is realised
when you learn how to use it yourself.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
Lao Tzu


The founder of Reiki Therapy, a highly respected and renowned Japanese spiritual teacher and healer called Mikao Usui described it as "The secret method to invite happiness; the miracle medicine for all diseases; the way to improve your mind and body."

Energy and Light

Light is energy; everything is energy. Gaining enlightenment is understanding that everything around us is energy. Our consciousness is also energy. And we, the living light energies, are constantly influencing the energies around us and being influenced by those energies. 

When we learn to create thoughts and feelings based on joy, wisdom and love, that energy has a positive influence on everything and everyone around us. We become light-workers, living in the light and spreading light into the world.

Reiki therapy is completely safe and can be of great help not just to you yourself, but to anyone you care for or are concerned about, whether they be tiny babies or the frail and elderly.  Even animals benefit, and indeed actively seek Reiki out when they need help.  

What does it take to learn it?

Learning Reiki can be a life changing experience for anyone who seriously commits to it.  Reiki offers a very effective means of nurturing, supporting, relaxing and transforming yourself at every level, and the technique can be learnt by anyone who feels drawn to master it.  No particular skill, gift or talent is required at the outset.  With the right attitude of patience and a heartfelt desire to help oneself and others, anybody can practise Reiki, even young children (who are often better than adults at it!).  No specific knowledge, prior training or experience is needed for you to get started, other than an open mind and a desire to learn and grow. Then all it takes is commitment, time and regular practice to develop and hone your skill. 

  • Intrigued to learn more about holistic health and well-being?

  • Want to empower yourself and develop your self awareness?

  • Want to bring more peace, joy, balance into your life?

  • Looking for an effective personal development tool?

  • Want to overcome destructive thoughts, behaviour or habits?

  • Want to do more to help/support yourself and others?

  • Feeling tired, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed?

  • Wanting support in dealing with past hurt or trauma?

  • Want to improve your health and vitality and enjoy life more?

  • Feeling stressed, run down or out of balance?

  • Want help with a challenging problem or illness?

  • Feeling unwell or suffering any kind of pain or grief?

  • Trying to support a sick or troubled friend, relative or pet?

  • Interested in developing your psychic abilities?

  • Want to understand more about the mind/body connection? 

  • Interested in learning more about your spiritual nature?

Learning to practice Reiki could be one of the most life enhancing choices you ever make, bringing you new insights, deepening your self awareness, teaching you personal mastery and giving you a completely new understanding of life, health, happiness and relationships.


If you want a future different from your past, then ...
Heal the past by learning to relax, let go and be happy;
by doing so fully and lovingly live your present;
and in that way create a better future.

The Reiki Path


What you teach is amazing, Heather. What I learnt on your workshop has changed my life. I just love Reiki so much - applying it in my life has been really good.

Clara Malina, Reiki I Student, Edinburgh


Reiki Edinburgh