Dear Heather,
Thank you very much for such an enlightening weekend. I really enjoyed the Reiki workshop and found it very interesting and informative. After learning how to channel the energy, I feel that I now have a magical power inside me that is helping me with my spiritual self-development. It is also great to be able to heal with the energy, but Reiki is becoming a way of life for me and healing is only a small part what I use Reiki for. I think anyone’s life could be dramatically transformed and improved once they learned Reiki. I feel very peaceful, relaxed and happy now and am looking forward to my Reiki II workshop. 

J Mandle, Reiki I Student




Practitioner Profile - Professional Background


"We are the meaning makers - we create the meaning of our lives
by the thoughts we think and the stories we tell ourselves."
Michael Neil





Therapy Practice

I have a busy private therapy practice in Edinburgh which I have run for 14 years, offering Reiki healing, life coaching, Human Givens counselling, advanced hypnotherapy and hypno-healing, NLP, and EFT.  I use a natural, holistic approach to help people with all kinds of mental, emotional and physical problems, as well as with personal and spiritual development. 


Reiki Master Teacher

I also run regular Reiki workshops throughout the year in which I teach a combination of Japanese and Western Reiki techniques together with an understanding of the mind/body connection and why Reiki is so effective.  


Wide Range of Skills and Training

In addition to Reiki therapy I am qualified to use the Emotional Freedom & Healing Technique, a psychological version of acupressure incorporating methods from Ancient Chinese medicine and modern-day applied kinesiology which is effective in releasing negative emotion. 

As a life coach, I have trained in personal and business coaching, Time-Line Therapy and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and have a background in business and in personal effectiveness training. 

As part of my continuing interest in developing my skills as a holistic healer, I have completed a post-graduate diploma in Human Givens brief solution-focused counselling and psychotherapy, and in addition, I am fully qualified in advanced hypnotherapy and hypno-healing, a qualification recognised by the NHS.  

I have also trained as a volunteer Victim Support worker and as an AIDS support "buddy" for the Waverley Care Trust.


My Specialism

I have a holistic understanding of life and health and a deep knowledge of people and their needs.  I specialise in working one to one with people who want support in making changes to improve their health and relationships, overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges, manage stress, develop their potential, and create more balanced and fulfilling lives. 


Earlier Experience

I graduated in Modern Languages and Law from Edinburgh University in 1976, and then taught abroad and in Edinburgh for a number of years before taking a career break to bring up my family.

I subsequently trained and worked as a volunteer for several years with individuals and groups (both children and adults), exploring issues of self-awareness, personal development, leadership and interpersonal skills.

During the course of my career, I spent six years working in business in the field of medical sales and marketing.


Dear Heather
I can hardly belief that almost six weeks have passed since we did the Level 3 Advanced weekend. I have not written before because I felt I needed time to take the whole experience in along with time for reflection. The weeked was very meaningful to me and its effect has stayed with me since. I seemd to relate to the master symbol much more so than those at level 2. I am taking time to focus on my own journey and experiences much more so than before and am appreciating the impact on my day to day life. I assume that you benefit from the experience as much as we do and I look forward to meeting up in the near future. My thanks and appreciation to you. 

A Stewart, Reiki III Student